Perfect matching to any period, any style

In many domestic settings, such as those who live in conservation areas and in listed buildings, residents don’t have a completely open choice as to the style and design of their windows and doors – they have to be very closely matched to the period style of the original dwelling. And many others, in non-regulated buildings, simply prefer the style and character of older windows over the modern UPVC or aluminium window.


In either case, you should talk to us. Highly experienced and very passionate in the design and restoration of wooden products, we can not only manufacture windows and doors to match any original, but also upgrade existing fittings without a need for replacement. We can design and supply any style, system, type or size of vintage windows, in both wood and steel. All are hand-made by extremely skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Fully bespoke

Every project we undertake begins with a full and detailed discussion with the client to ensure the results are a perfect match to requirements and expectations. Because most projects involve the replication of styles from between the 18th century and the 1930s, we are experts in developing like-for-like replacements of these styles to include double-glazing, draft proofing and high-grade security systems such as multi-point locking systems.


  • Perfect period and style matching
  • Hand-made by experts
  • Fully bespoke
  • Design to delivery
  • Upgrades to modern requirements
  • Wood and steel construction
All our projects are carefully managed and to every detail discussed with clients to reach there’s requirements and expectations as well as approval prior to manufacture. Because most of projects include of making replicas of windows from early 30st up to 18th century we have developed a very efficient way to update these in early stage of designing so we can still create like for like replacement with upgrade to double-glazing, draft proofing and high level of security include of multi-point locking systems.

Internal and external shutters

To complete our range of high-quality vintage services, we also offer the design and supply of internal and external wooden shutters. Whatever the age or style of your property, window or door, our fully bespoke window shutters will enhance any living space. A full selection of finishes and colours are available, offering style, quality and durability. We can also, if required, advise on which choice would best complement your internal decor.  Our louvers are tilted by a traditional tilt rod or hidden tilt rod, and are available in a range of styles:


  • Cafe style
  • Full length
  • Tier-on-tier
  • Solid