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As with most things in a home, regular care and maintenance of doors and windows can pay real dividends over the longer term. Not only will they look good and operate properly at all times, but they’ll last longer, too.

Although regular maintenance of all doors and windows is recommended, it’s worth paying particular attention to newly installed windows. This is because new doors and windows are likely to adjust themselves to building movement, which can cause future problems in operation. This most commonly occurs within two years from the installation date – so we highly recommend that an experienced and qualified engineer inspects your new doors and windows and rectifies any identified movement. This will ensure they operate properly for the maximum time.

To give you peace of mind, we provide a programme of professional maintenance that expertly checks all windows and doors, and makes all necessary adjustments.

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Why opt for an expert maintenance and care programme from Leonservices?

  • Maximises return on investment by ensuring your doors and windows operate properly and look good for as long as possible
  • Windows and doors have working parts that should be checked by an expert
  • A qualified window engineer will highlight issues that may not be obvious to an unqualified eye
  • Regular inspections will identify possible causes of costly damage such as improper use.
  • You will receive a report on the condition of finishes and recommend for future maintenance requirements
  • Emergency callout – response within 24 hours

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